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Casa Paz Playa

The search for a retirement place took a lot of effort and quite a bit of traveling which, of course, Naomi and I didn’t mind. The fact that we ended up in a place that didn’t match any of our criteria says a lot about our impulsive selves and a lot more about San Miguel De Allende where we bought a house 5 days into a one week visit. Twenty years and 3 houses later we are still in San Miguel de Allende (Check out Casa Paz SMA on this web site and you will understand).

The one essential criterion we had at the start of our retirement adventure and that we couldn’t totally ignore was proximity to the ocean and the search was on for a beach spot. We knew the Caribbean coast because we had vacationed there a year before our big jump and had no idea then that we would be living in Mexico full time not too long after that. We tried other beaches along the Pacific Coast and none appealed to us ( too many rocks , too many tourists , unfriendly locals , etc.) and someone mentioned Barra de Potosi and more specifically Casa Frida , a B&B run by a relative of a friend in San Miguel De Allende. Our visiting friends from Vermont and we booked ourselves at Casa Frida and we discovered Anabella and she ,in turn , introduced us to Barra ,its beach and its people. Staying at Casa Frida with Anabella was an experience in itself, so much so that we went back and ran the B&B for Anabella for two Christmas seasons in a row. We not only got to appreciate the beach during those visits , and all it can offer but we met the people of the village and progressively we became “Tio Ali” and “Tia Naomi”. Becoming an uncle to a whole bunch of village  kids (and some adults) was a sign of belonging and we started looking for a spot on the wonderful Playa Blanca and we did find the ideal lot , right on the beach ,close to the village , an ideal spot except for its size . What were we going to do with a 2 acre lot , 8,000 square meters when we were looking for land for a simple beach house? We called interested friends who came to visit and finally 3 couples ended up building 3 houses on 2 acres of land , enough to plan privacy and also create a sense of community.

We decided to hire the same architect to have some congruence and unity in our architecture and use landscaping rather than walls to separate the properties so now our families and guests get to enjoy a small private resort right on the beach and each property has its own swimming pool. We hired one of the people we had met earlier at Casa Frida to become our caretaker as soon as we broke ground and the architects built Tito’s house before they started on ours . Tito and Carmen have been with us since the beginning and we have had the pleasure to watch their children grow . In their case , we are truly uncles and aunts in more senses than a simple family relationship and we realize that they have contributed enormously to our enjoyment of Casa Paz.

All the reviews we have received from our guests mention Tito and Carmen and we know that their sense of hospitality has contributed enormously to our 5 star ratings.  


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