a beautiful beach
near town

Barra de Potosi is a small fishing village located at the end of Playa Blanca, approximately a 10 minutes’ drive from the Zihuantanejo -Ixtapa International Airport and 30 minutes from the larger town of Zihuantanejo. Bordered by a very large lagoon and protected from the open ocean by a big hill, the village lives off fishing, the restaurant trade around the mouth of the lagoon, and ecotourism. The lagoon is not only a fishing reservoir but also a bird sanctuary, an ideal place for bird watchers. A great variety of sea birds live in the area, some hidden in coves deep in the lagoon like the white pelicans, blue herons, and the roseate spoonbills but most can be seen also flying over the main beach looking for fish. 

Activities for visitors can be as simple as a walk along the 7 miles beach or fishing, kayaking, bird watching or hammock surfing while reading. The restaurants, called enramadas, offer a nice setting for good food and a leisurely day at a beach where the waves are moderate enough for swimming but also good for surfing  . Canoes and kayaks are available for rent and boat tours take people out in the open ocean or just an excursion into the mangroves that surround the lagoon.